Look Over There! No, Not There; Over There!!


The only thing our fantastical and terrible Federal government is good at.


Here’s a little 3-dot-point list of (some of) the failures of this government, and the actions employed (by design or by pure luck) to distract from them.

1. Promises made in campaign-mode – Broken (too many to put a number on).

A plane disappears (MH370).  “Look over there!  Look, I will find that plane.  Look, the world has made me the king of plane-finding.

Operational result: FAIL

Distraction result: 100%

2. A Federal budget so horrible, that it remains un-passed even as we draw closer to the time when the next budget will be drafted.

A plane (MH17) is shot down over a war-zone, probably by drunken Ukrainians playing with a BUK, or by sober ones using a SU-25 jet fighter at its operational ceiling.  Several dozen Australians are passengers.  “Oh. look!  Evil Vladimir shot down ‘our’ plane!  I will make him pay, I will bring him to justice.  I will bring home the charred body parts (“bodies, and parts of bodies“, saving them from “the ravages of heat, and animals“).  I alone can restore your faith in justice, and in air travel.

Operational result: FAIL

Distraction result: 100%

3. A series of ideology-based decisions which counter party philosophy (free enterprise, the supremacy of commerce, capital, and innovation, etc.), including:

– the joe hockey ‘dare’ to General Motors to abandon vehicle manufacturing in Australia (which they then promptly did), which dominoed to Toyota doing the same;

– the perpetual uncertainty and threats of elimination surrounding the Renewable Energy Target, which has all but decimated an entire industry and will continue to have calamitous effects on business for years to come;

– AND the continued mistreatment, illegal imprisonment and transport, buying entry for some into child-sex-slavery or a lifetime of whoredom in the killing fields of Cambodia, and push-to-suicide and/or -riot in festering island hell-holes, of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and the Middle East (all of these acts performed by our tongue-babbling, evangelical, happy-clapping, ‘Christian’ immigration minister);

– AND the complete unwillingness of the PM to show Australia proof of his renunciation of UK citizenship before becoming an MP (which one MUST do in order to comply with Section 44 of the Australian Constitution, or else be disqualified from eligibility to serve in parliament [Go Read This: http://tonymagrathea.blog.com/2014/06/21/tony-abbott/]), thereby all but proving that he is illegitimate in his role and should be sacked, jailed, stripped of all honours and assets, and possibly deported.

A militant group (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Islamic State/The Caliphate) arises out of the ashes of the kill-zone that was once Iraq (thanks to the Coalition of the Willing, et. al.), and claims control of an area the size of Tasmania in the Middle East, and ‘Team Australia‘ is born.

In the way taught him by his mentor and inspiration, howard, abbott now has a Distraction Master Plan, and it is quickly deployed.  The dog-whistle to the racists and xenophobes is activated, and now a country 10,000 kilometres from the trouble-spot is divided unto itself – we are either on Team Australia, or we are terrorists, or terrorist-sympathisers.

Australia is committed to war, before a war is declared.  Threats are quickly paraded before a fawning media, to reinforce that we are at war.  Attempts are made to scare the absolute shit out of everyone with the concept of beheadings of the innocents, on Australian soil.  Shock!  Horror!

A kid is killed by cops after slashing and jabbing a knife at ‘joint counter-terror’ police officers in the car-park of a suburban police station after voluntarily arriving for an ‘informal’ interview.  The media goes nuts, alleging that the now-dead Afghan-Australian had had phone conversations about beheading prime moron abbott – this allegation was soon revealed to have no basis in fact.

Australian military assets are deployed, and sit by idly waiting for the word, while the decision to go to war has yet to be made (yeah, right) and the ‘legal framework’ to support the push for war is stitched together.


Distraction result: 100%

So, all this just reinforces that I live in a country ruled by a lying moron (who is doing all he can to avoid physical death and ascend to heaven in this lifetime in The Rapture) and his gang of sycophantic hangers-on; a country populated, mostly, by easily-distracted morons with brains no bigger than that of a chicken, who are fed scraps of shit by a lying and utterly corruptible media.

A Distraction A Day Keeps The End Of My Prime Minister-ship Away.

Well done, Australia.  Be proud.

Wick Burner

7 thoughts on “Look Over There! No, Not There; Over There!!

  1. Distract and divide, in politics that is called business as usual. The amount of sugar in our diets, tobacco and alcohol are bigger threats than isis but you won’t see politicians talking about the real threats!! The internet connects people, you don’t know the ripple effect your posts can have so keep your chin up and continue what you are doing !!

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  2. Hi – Great Post
    The more you investigate the scarier it gets ! No wonder so many people just don’t want to
    know – Turns out that Edward Snowden is actually Mark Zuckerberg’s COUSIN – Edward Snowden is also ‘Tyler Commenti’ ( Gay suicide victim who was exposed by his spying ‘flatmate’ on Twitter ) Julian Assange works for the CIA as well – The troubling thing is that when you consider that ALL ‘whistle blowers usually come to a tragic and premature end – this ALL makes SENSE ! Why do these guys get so much publicity when someone like Ron Paul gets ‘silenced’ – Assange and Snowden lead us to the false conclusion that there is a
    ‘voice’ of truth in the world ! They also deter other ‘whistle blowers’ from even contemplating the idea of speaking out ! Russia can’t even get the truth out to the ‘wider’ world yet Assange and Snowden get ‘prime’ time from the corrupt media ! Abbott’s recent amateurish forays into the world of public deception have appeared just that ‘amateurish’ – In a last gasp attempt to save the US dollar the US has recruited Australia out of fear – We have ‘lashed’ ourselves to the US economy – The US has informed the dopey Abbott that ‘if we go down -so do you’ – so Australia now becomes ‘complicit’ in the evil US foreign policy agenda ! QE was just a ‘back door ‘ bailout of Wall St who have created a ‘derivatives’ bubble totalling 1’4 Quadrillion dollars – As ‘derivatives’ are really ‘worthless’ paper the US (after pillaging the world’s resources ) will ‘CRASH’ their own economy and ‘renege’ on their debt ! Greed has created this ‘scenario’ as the ONLY option ! US will blame the collapse on Russia,China,Ebola and whatever else they can think of ! The US/EU and Australian public will remain ‘clueless’ to what just happened ! The Australian’s that Abbott has deployed overseas will, in all probability never come home – “All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie” – Bob Dylan

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