Cannabis, cancer and big pharma

An archetypal tale of where we’re at – common sense drowned out by profit potential and the political need to nullify and constrain the populace.
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Cannabis cancer

Scientific research carried out by the American government in 1975 showed the powerful cancer fighting ability of THC and other compounds within the plant. They have known since then that cannabis combats tumor growth and in some cases kills the cancerous cells altogether. There is a reason we instinctively don’t trust our governments, and this is the reason. Big pharmaceutical companies, who know they couldn’t get the complete patent for cannabis, bought and paid for the silence of politicians. We know that politicians have first and foremost, their own interests at heart, so if big business will give them election money and then a million dollar salary when they are voted out(usually over some scandal, like voting against the people’s wishes or interests) whose side do you think they are on? Not my mother in laws side, who has cancer. Not on the millions of people who have died from…

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3 thoughts on “Cannabis, cancer and big pharma

  1. It’s very interesting that this is brought up now as I’m looking to it for me medical situations and it’s legal where I am but to get a doc on board is next to impossible and you have to have a doc on board.


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