Terror Team Australia

Abbott Is Protecting You
Abbott Is ‘Protecting You’

Well, now it’s official – Australia is ‘likely’ to be attacked by terrorists, and our ‘alert level’ has been raised to ‘high’.

So, don’t hang around reading this!  Run!  Run for your lives – the radicalised fundamentalist Muslimists are coming!

Since the inception of Team Australia (a propaganda masterstroke by which Goebbels would be utterly underwhelmed), we have been warned that otherwise-sane Australian citizens would be lured to the Middle East to become highly-trained killers and then return home to KILL US ALL.

We then discovered there was a hotbed of terror-planning on the Gold Coast, with men-of-Middle-Eastern-appearance plotting our demise in a bookshop (please ignore the fact that they were actually likely to be planning on joining the fight in Syria against the Assad regime – a fight our great nation itself has seen fit to join).

And now we are all supposed to be ‘alert, not alarmed’, but alarmed enough to be scared of the fear of terror.

…Again – Remember the fridge-magnet, and the accompanying booklet, from 11 years ago?:

Alert, Not Alarmed
A Fridge-Magnet To Save Us All

What a fucking joke…  All of it.

I’d happily bet a thousand dollars right now that if any ‘terror event’ was to occur in Australia in the near future, it is a fake.  A ‘false flag‘ event to galvanise us against an illusory enemy, and get us lined up behind un-renounced UK citizen Abbott and his ridiculous nationalistic war-drum-beating, self-preserving, distraction-inducing, budget-obfuscating, refugee-killing, mess of a government.

That is all.  Go back to sleep.


11 thoughts on “Terror Team Australia

  1. That is a scary thought old chum. False flags do happen because they do work! Precious coral is being destroyed off the coast of Australia but yes let’s worry about Muslim people on the other side of the planet! Way to try and distract the knuckle heads pm

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    1. That’s what we’re living with at the moment – distraction. Just about every word spoken is a ploy to make us all look at something different. And, there is an over-supply of “knuckle heads”!


      1. I was reading some rich Rothschild type say 250-300 million people would be the perfect planet population. If the Ebola virus got out of hand there would be utter carnage. Russia is a real threat. If they look serious I am fucking off to your part of the world!
        So the world is fucked up, That means we have to enjoy life as much as possible because these could very well be described as the good old days in the not to distant future


      2. Yes, there is a sense (maybe only in my head…) that perhaps current events are part of the long-rumoured ‘Rothschild/Rockefeller’ de-population program. I won’t make any predictions on that (but keep your eyes peeled in coming weeks for a post from me about being prepared for the END OF THE WORLD[!]). Also, maybe don’t bother with Australia – I reckon New Zealand would be the place to be when the Shit Hits The Fan…
        In the meantime, as you say, enjoy life!

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  2. Hi Again
    Well – where do you start – We have become a ‘mini merica’ I am so disgusted by all that is happening right now – I know that Pine Gap is a JOINT US/AU partnership and that we are NOT even allowed in there – This has ‘irked’ me for years. There have been many other instances over the last 40 years ( Howard and Bush- Vietnam 9/11etc) that i have ‘brushed’ off as Government Naivety (I just figured our leaders were stupid and somehow star struck by the USA ) – But then MH70 DISAPPEARED ! Australia led from the FRONT – knowing full well that they were only ‘PRETENDING’ to LOOK for it !! – Day’s turned into weeks – weeks turned into months and they still PRETENDED !! This event really tipped me over the EDGE !
    The nightly news ABBOTT LIES – He reassured us that THEY would FIND it – no matter how long it took ! AND he was PRETENDING to look !! I couldn’t believe that this was happening !
    ABBOTT thinks that he has ‘gotten’ away with that one – NOW he just ‘PRETENDS ‘
    all the TIME !!! ABBOTT has re-defined the ‘TONY’ AWARDS ! He thinks he has become a master ‘manipulator’ of the Australian people ! The ‘media’ (including the ABC ) is complicit in ALL of this !! This SHITS GOTTA STOP !!

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  3. Further to my post above – MH70 is obviously MH370 -sorry – In the words of the great John Prine – ABBOTT – “Should be nominated for a TONI – for ACTING like a PHOENY !! ” – Abbott is ‘projecting’ HIS fear – The US dollar is almost dead – Another PHOENY ‘Barack Hussein Obama ‘ ( even his name is a cultivated PSYOPS ) has told Abbott to stop BRICS at all costs ! The BRICS led by Russia and China know that the ONLY way to stop the US is to crash the Petrodollar – Saddam tried it and so did Gadaffi – they ended up dead – Russia and China will succeed – they must ! Australia and the EU have ‘lashed’ themselves to the US economy – US goes down – Australia goes as well – THAT’S why they are SO desperate – The US has found ABBOTT (lying comes as naturally as breathing to Tony ) as a scared and willing partner – desperate and scared of the economic fallout – Gough Whitlem was the last Prime Minister to stand up to the US – so the CIA got rid of him – Gough is only 98 – Bring him back i say ! All our leaders since Gough have been COWARDS !! That’s why we are in this MESS !

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    1. Hi!
      Well, I couldn’t agree more – with both of your comments. What a sordid sad mess. Several things from your writing stand out to me, and I believe we are on the same page regarding ‘Pine Gap’, ‘MH370’, ‘BRICS’, ‘PSYOPS’, and ‘Whitlam’.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. You may have left me with the topics needed to inspire the next several posts!


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