$ervices Rendered – Re-Post

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NOTE: Another post that I’m dredging up from February.  Re-posting this, just because it disappeared for a while, and today it was commented on by someone who tried to insult me by using bad words… (see below the post).

So, the Australian Taxation Office has handed ~$880 Million to News Corp




It is portrayed in the mainstream media as a “long-running court battle”.  Well, I call bullshit.

“The money represents years of claims for exchange rate losses run up by News following a 1989 restructure of the empire.”

What the fuck?  That’s just international business, right?  Exchange rates go up.  Exchange rates go down.  All part of the risk.

No money changed hands in the restructure, which involved swapping ownership and debt among group companies.  Because loans in the deal were denominated in US dollars, News claimed tax losses when the exchange rate changed.”

Alarm bells ringing yet?  So, the ‘tax-payer’ foots the bill for a merged company de-merging at a time of volatile exchange rates?

What the fuck?

There should be riots in the streets about this.

But, apparently, there are not.

All the charities, committees, community groups, education providers, etc., that have had promised money taken from them recently should be kicking in the doors of Parliament and the Treasury and the ATO.

This is so clearly nothing more than a handsome and fat payment for services rendered.

You know it, I know it.

Remember that gift given by the Murdoch media to the LNP and all their sycophantic hangers-on?  It was all that crazy as bat-shit ‘conservative’ squawking in the run-up to September 2013, I think.  Remember that?  Remember how gullible people swallowed it?  Now look around – see what’s going on?

“The ATO had 28 days to consider an appeal to the High Court – a period which coincided with the federal election, in which Mr Murdoch’s Australian newspapers campaigned heavily against the then Labor government.  News received the money following the end of the appeal period.”

THIS Shit Has Got To Stop.

Revolting NOW.  Are we revolting yet?

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One thought on “$ervices Rendered – Re-Post

  1. >There should be riots in the streets about this.

    No because a judge ruled in favor of Murdoch you wanker. If you want to go ahead and prove that the judge was wrong I await your results. You can’t because you’re simply an unintelligent cunt. Good Day Sir.


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