Rapture Machine

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Goin’ On Up To The Spirit In The Sky

TRIGGER WARNING: This post pours boiling oil onto prophecy-believing Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all the fakes (politicians, lobbyists, captains of industry & religion, etc.) who are doing their utmost to artificially fulfill an ancient prophecy.  If you are offended by having your beliefs/faith challenged, then press your ‘Back’ button now!

If you were a bit crazy, or a bit led astray, you might believe some of those stories in the Bible (or similar tales from Torah, or Qur’an) that tell of the End Times, and the Revelation, and the Rapture (or similar devices in Torah, or Qur’an).

If you then also look at current events in the Middle East, and decide to draw a connecting line between your beliefs or the stories you have read, and these current events, then you may believe that what you are seeing is the Gog and Magog prophecy beginning to be fulfilled.


My point is this: ‘THEY’ ARE BUILDING A RAPTURE MACHINE; there are many powerful individuals (politicians, business executives, military elites, religious leaders, etc.) that are doing everything in their power to create the battle-ground that will facilitate their ascension to heaven.  They are toying with humanity and the very Earth itself in their attempts to artificially fulfill a prophecy.

There are some people out there foaming at the mouth (and speaking in tongues) to ensure that the current situation in the Iraq/Syria/Palestine theatres devolves even further into all-out war – like, not just a regional conflict, but real all-out war with combatants drawn from all over the globe (commonly referred to as a World War).  This would fit their purpose quite neatly, reinforce their capital wealth in the short-term and perhaps fortify/justify their faith and perhaps assure their desired ascension in the longer-term.

This is not a theological essay, so I will stop now, but here are the key take-away points:

  1. Don’t believe that there is any legitimate reason for any of what is happening – ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt – these are all just enablers for a massive desert face-off with bombs and bullets.
  2. If you want do some cursory research of your own, just do two image searches on Google; “ISIS map” and “Gog and Magog map”.  Overlay the two, and, wow, what a coincidence.
  3. Remember that Al Qaeda and ISIS are inventions of the West, not grassroots Arab spiritual movements.
  4. Observe the machinations that are pushing all of us onto a war-footing – new anti-terror laws, ‘saving’ the Christians in Iraq after doing nothing while the ‘other’ (non-Christian) Arabs in Palestine and Syria die, accusing global super-powers of murder (Tony Abbott on Putin), actively offering military assistance and engagement where none was requested (Tony Abbott to Obama).
  5. Circle back to point 1 – ask yourself why any of this is happening, at all.  It is all engineered.

That is all.  You can go back to sleep now.

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3 thoughts on “Rapture Machine

  1. I guess you can look at the current conflicts with historical/religious eyes or you can look at them with biological ones. Biologically we are a dreadful species when left with unchecked power. America got hit on 911 and over reacted by kicking the crap out of two defenseless nations because there was nobody to stop them. It is terrible that people die because of ego trip foreign policy decisions. But on a spiritual level ( sorry for going all hippy!) these people are already in hell. They fight because their life is rage and torment. Whether that is due to the nature of the power they now have or whether they were always like that is a separate debate.

    The conflict in the Middle East is over oil. You will magically see all the American military bases pull out of that region the minute we have sustainable alternatives to oil. Until then we have to listen (if we choose) to the twisted propaganda that keeps the megalomaniacal super power suckling at the Arab teet. These conflicts are the worst examples of human behavior. So to counter that you have to be the best example of human behavior to the people in your personal world.

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