Rapture Machine

TRIGGER WARNING: This post pours boiling oil onto prophecy-believing Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all the fakes (politicians, lobbyists, captains of industry & religion, etc.) who are doing their utmost to artificially fulfill an ancient prophecy.  If you are offended by having your beliefs/faith challenged, then press your ‘Back’ button now!   If you were a bit crazy, or a bit led astray, you might believe some of those stories in the Bible (or similar tales from Torah, or Qur’an) that tell of the End Times, and the Revelation, and the Rapture (or similar devices in Torah, or Qur’an). If … Continue reading Rapture Machine

I Fucking Hate You, Australia

* – Originally posted back in March of 2014.  I’m re-posting because I’m angry again, and I have added some update. Look what you’ve gone and done.  Like a spoilt child having a tantrum in the confectionery aisle… I’m a bit very angry at present.  But I should be clear here – I don’t hate ‘Australia’, but I do (even though I know that hate is usually unwarranted and will probably one day make me sick and then kill me) hate the blind, ignorant, selfish, hypocritical cretins who aspire to be better than everyone else, and think they’re somehow special, … Continue reading I Fucking Hate You, Australia

Word Of The Moment #1

My favourite word at the moment is:   SYCOPHANT Sycophant (plural sycophants) One who uses obsequious compliments to gain self-serving favor or advantage from another; a servile flatterer. One who seeks to gain through the powerful and influential. (obsolete) An informer; a talebearer. Synonyms (one who uses compliments to gain favor): ass-kisser, brown noser, suck up, yes man (one who seeks to gain through the powerful): parasite, flunky, lackey   A long-time favourite of mine, the word ‘sycophant’ describes so much and so many at this time, at least from inside my world-viewing-platform. I don’t think they’ve discovered the gene mutation … Continue reading Word Of The Moment #1