MH17 – Lies, Accusations and Propaganda

Wreckage from MH17
Wreckage from MH17. But, whodunnit?


What to believe, what to believe…?  We’ll probably never know.  But I write this post merely as a cover to provide a link to somewhere that encapsulates some information very pertinent to the drawn-out investigation into the downing of a civilian passenger plane over hostile territory in a geopolitical hot-spot.


Coincidence and Mystery

Since the tragic shoot-down of MH17, I’ve wondered if perhaps MH370, the disappeared plane from a few months back (see this previous post for a mundane but possible explanation for that), subsequently became MH17 and was shot down to ‘dispose of the evidence’.

Maybe, but what happened to the MH370 passengers and crew?  Probably MH370 is still somewhere else.

Worthy of note, however, is the little fact that MH370 was registered as ‘9M-MRO’, and MH17 was registered as ‘9M-MRD’.  Imagine how easy it might be to alter the ‘O’ to a ‘D’…


War Drums?

Military planes have been getting shot down in the eastern Ukraine area for a while now, both prior to and since the MH17 shoot-down.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the Ukrainian authorities wanted to make the Russian-backed separatists shoot down a civilian plane, in order to frame Russia and the separatists in the eyes of the world…  There have been varied reports and admissions about the presence of a Ukrainian SU-25 or SU-27 fighter near to MH17 in its final minutes in the sky.

Let’s say that the SU-25 (or SU-27) was there, very close to MH17, to draw fire from the separatists, and then release countermeasures or simply bug out rapidly to leave the MH17 heat trail as the lone target for a BUK-launched SA-11 missile (we’ve all seen similar scenarios in movies, right?  Missile tracks a target, target pulls a sweet manoeuvre and the missile strikes something other than the intended target…).

All of that completely contradictory to the ‘blame Russia, Putin is the devil’ narrative that was established by Western politicians and mainstream media within mere hours of the downing, with no concrete evidence whatsoever.


Go Read The Stuff At The Link Provided

Anyway, enough from me.  I urge any interested readers out there to read this interesting assessment of an alternative scenario, based on the idea that US-backed Ukrainian agencies are responsible for the shoot-down of MH17, and what this means in terms of a potential major conflict:

Flight MH17 – What You’re Not Being Told

* – Be warned, the above link does contain some fairly distressing embedded video of dead civilians.




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