Renewable energy rant

I love a good rant – and so I am reblogging this from my good friend at Theophrastus Switch, with immense thanks. Also just so happens that I agree with every word – even the sweary ones!

Theophrastus Switch

Alright, so let’s, for the next few minutes, pretend that the current Australian government (or any, for that matter) knows what they’re talking about. Imagine if climate change/global warming really were just coincidences, and that humans have no impact on our planet, or that the planet simply isn’t getting warmer, just as the coalition would like us to think, and then tell me one reason why we shouldn’t be phasing into completely relying on renewable energy.

Other than ‘but Tony’s ‘friends’ like Gina won’t be making money, then’, there’s no reason.

People making money off the dead coal industry should not be priority. Opening the doors to Australian innovators to take advantage of our unique landscapes and the engineering problems which lie within should be. Advancing science and engineering should be. The health of our planet should be.

Even if global warming wasn’t a thing, the future needs to be renewable, reliable…

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