Heavy Lifting (Proof of Sociopathy)

A picture of Abbott Laughing
The Mad Monk – Not Just A Nickname

So Abbott, AND his colleagues and team of advisers, missed a golden opportunity to demonstrate to the people of Australia that they, also, were doing their part in the ‘heavy lifting‘ that is required to rescue the nation from the fake budget emergency we are all afflicted with.

The golden opportunity would have perhaps retrieved some of the ground lost recently in the populist stakes that are the unimportant opinion polls.  But, instead of grasping the opportunity to prove to Australia that even the top man on the block was feeling some financial ‘pain’ as a result of the ‘burden sharing’, Abbott chose to defend the gift scholarship, defend his daughter, defend the benefactor, and defend the relationships that bind it all together.

I cannot conceive that it is possible that this golden opportunity was missed in error.  And I posit that the much-reported $60,000 scholarship that Abbott’s daughter was gifted by a mate of his at a private college was accepted willfully.  I further posit that this is proof positive of one thing – that Abbott is a narcissistic sociopath* who enjoys and relishes every opportunity he has to deny good things to others.

The only time you will ever hear of Abbott doing something for someone else, or giving up something of his own for the benefit of others, is when there is something tangible in it for him.

Pure and simple.  Australia, your leader is mentally sick.


* – AsGrayAsGray is not a licensed or qualified psychologist or psychiatrist and does not offer mental health advice to anyone.  At least, not in a professional capacity.

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