Flaky Frisbees

A picture of Abbott, Prime Moron, with scale model of the F-35
Prime Moron, with scale model of the F-35

Lots of commentary about the inflated purchase contract for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as announced last week by the Prime Moron, Abbott.

I could bang on about this for hours.  But, in six words: “it’s an expensive risky pointless waste”.  To sum up my view of the $12Billion contract for Australia to buy all these under-developed aircraft, and then pay the same amount again just to keep them operational, I reproduce a comment I just left over at Bob Ellis’ blog site:

I have stated in other forums that this is nothing more than an old debt to the US military-industrials, now being paid. This was the secret meeting Howard had in Washington that committed us to joining the JSF purchasing. For Lockheed, this was a major coup – acquiring locked-in clients by virtue of US-leaning international agreement. And Abbott is now just icing the cake for Skunkworks and his controllers.
That is why they are being bought.
Labor would have continued to purchase some more of these unstable frisbees, but I would hazard a guess that the number would have been reduced.
As has been mentioned by many, these machines are very flaky, to say the least – twitchy, fragile, and more dependent on software control than almost any other vehicle you can imagine. The computing power factor, in concert with quality and cost issues, is the Achilles heel. They *will* fall out of the sky. Just wait.
To cut to the chase, these knock-offs of better aircraft are nought more than expensive show-piece trinkets, to be rolled out for demonstrations to awe-struck military/aviation nuts. They will almost certainly prove to be of little value in any imaginable conflict situation we might be engaged in.
Strafing landed boat-people would be about the most applicable use of these things in our theatre.

I may have more to say about this and other like issues…  May.


2 thoughts on “Flaky Frisbees

  1. Our mutual friend Bruce used to talk about this kind of ‘computer-controlled’ aviation long ago… He wasn’t in favor of warfare to begin with, but poorly conceived designs — please!

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