MH370 – A 777 Pilot’s Theory

MH370 - A picture of an aeroplane
A picture of an aeroplane

I was very recently up in the north of Australia somewhere, and happened to meet a guy who was a pilot.  “Commercial jets”, he said.  My ears pricked up, and I asked what jets we were talking about.  “Triple 7’s”, he said.  So I pressed him for an answer on what he thought the fate of the missing commercial airliner MH370 was (and I did have to push a little…).  As this was a man who flew this particular model of aircraft, I consider it worthy of sharing his perspective on the possible sequence of events.

Here is his speculated theory in dot-point format, for your edification – in this case, my opinion is irrelevant, I’m just the messenger:

  • About 1 hour into a flight, after the final call to point-of-origin air traffic control, it is normal for one of the pilots to go and visit the lavatory.
  • During this moment in time, the now lone pilot is confronted with a sudden explosive decompression event (one of the cockpit windows blows out) – a freak occurrence.
  • Said lone pilot manages to just a reach a switch which negates the ‘route plan autopilot’ – the aircraft is now controllable using the manual ‘sticks and levers’.  He pulls back and to the left to steer the aircraft back toward Malaysia (i.e. toward the west).
  • Oxygen is quickly removed from the plane through the damage caused by the explosive decompression, and the temperature in the cockpit and the rest of the plane plummets to about -50°C, within seconds.
  • ‘Emergency autopilot’ takes over control of the aircraft while the plane is banked left and turning toward a westerly/south-westerly direction.
  • Everyone on the plane is clawing for the deployed oxygen masks while rapidly freezing to death.
  • The plane is on autopilot.
  • Everybody on-board dies.
  • The plane continues to fly on autopilot until fuel is depleted.
  • The aircraft slowly descends/glides down toward the ocean, and eventually makes a gliding landing manoeuvre onto the Indian Ocean.
  • The plane sinks in its entirety within a few hours.  There is little or no debris.
  • The aircraft and its contents may not be found for several or many years.

So, there you go…

For me, it is plausible and believable.  Notwithstanding the fact that the aircraft was very likely to have been tracked by someone (JORN – Jindalee Operational Radar Network, or satellite systems, or island-based US-operated radar systems, or…), which opens up all the other questions and possibilities, and conspiracy theories, Diego Garcia, Freescale, lithium, semi-conductor patents, Illuminati, etc.

I am sure that astute readers and many others may like to pick that theory to pieces – and I take issue with some elements of it, and am quite sure that more is known than what we see on the news.  But anyway – just sharing…



10 thoughts on “MH370 – A 777 Pilot’s Theory

  1. Still doesn’t explain the complete shutdown of every electronic system on the plane, the inability to be tracked in any way, the complete disappearance ? One would imagine if a plane goes into emergency auto pilot there would also be an emergency signal
    instigated ?
    It’s feasible but still leaves way to many questions, my bet,considering all the rumble of military, Prime Ministers, propaganda like press and media, is that there was some sort of military accident and the plane was shot down or had some kind of drone accident all the white noise is just a cover.


    1. I agree absolutely, way too many questions and way too many cock-ups/contradictions. Behind the inanity of the reporting to the public, I suspect there is a missile strike, a self-destruction of sensitive cargo, or a ‘black’ (covert) operation of some sort.
      White noise works well to cloak a black operation…


  2. If there is an emergency on the plane, a pilot can let it be known without having to make contact with anyone via radio.

    Planes can squawk certain transponder codes (mode 2, mode 3, A, C, etc) — specifically codes that represent emergencies such as an IFE (In-flight emergency) 7700, NORDO (No radio/comm) 7600, Hijack 7500, etc. These codes can be seen/interpreted by radar, whether it’s thru the equipment found on adjacent aircraft, or a radar tower, etc… much like the Guard radio frequency can be transmitted on/listened to by anyone within the airspace.

    Just sayin’…


    1. Thank you for that – interesting.

      This means that either there was NO TIME to set a transponder code (assuming that doesn’t happen automatically), or that there was NO INTENT to do so (the deliberate shut-down of all the associated systems).

      There is, statistically, more chance of the latter. And that raises all those scary crazy possibilities…


      1. All I can say (without revealing classified info) is that some have witnessed or participated in emergency situations (both overseas & in the USA) such as having a wing break off at high altitudes due to winds, which causes a barrel roll on the way down crashing, and yet still manage to squawk 7700 IFE so that said plane and pilot/passenger(s) could be found.

        Basically, the whole way down during a crash or just before a disappearance, you can bet that there was some chatter between the plane and an “eye in the sky.” There is always chatter. Always… Even when a pilot declares NORDO or some form of radio silence, chatter still occurs at least beforehand.

        Plus, no one likes to see millions of $$ crash — especially not without a trace — because parts can often be salvaged. Also, any kind of near misses, crashes, etc — usually end up with EVERYONE involved with the flight being made to do a urinalysis (pee test), and I do mean everyone… whether it’s someone who had radio contact or radar contact with the plane, or someone who loaded the plane, fueled it, etc.

        Nothing disappears without a trace… except maybe Amelia Earhart… Oh wait, we have better technology now than she did, and uh, that could possibly be a false statement on my part:


      2. Again, interesting… I agree that some form of mechanical or structural failure being the cause of the disappearance still leaves the open question of why no alerts (manual or auto) were emitted from MH370. I suspect that in the current era, there is no chance of it not being detected by some system somewhere. We have the Australian system (JORN – mentioned briefly in the post) that is continuously sweeping the air and sea-surface from the north around to the west/south-west, the Americans (and maybe the British, if they get to share any of it) have their monitoring systems on Diego Garcia, and each Asian nation near to and including Malaysia, I’m sure, have their own systems that would be capable of detecting a plane that ‘didn’t belong’ in the airspace we’re talking about. So, all this silence from so many has been very disconcerting.
        Thanks for the link – the Earhart mystery is one of my faves, and I had missed this potential development.
        Thanks also just for popping in. I’ve been a repeat visitor to your site, and enjoy your writing and outlooks. Cheers!


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