A photograph of MLK
Martin Luther King, Jr.

On the other side of the World, the US is waking up to April 4.  On this day, forty-six years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot in the face and killed in Memphis, Tennessee.  In all likelihood, this murder was perpetrated by a band of ‘powerful’ evil men with small minds and no souls.

This little post is my acknowledgement and reminder of that horrific and barbarous act, of a society that allows these things to happen, of the struggles of one man against a sea of hatred, apathy, and constant injustice.

It was a long time ago.  And many others have shared his fate.  He was a ‘man of God’, and one of the very few of that ilk that I would rate on any scale.

There are still many documents related to this assassination that remain ‘classified’ by the FBI.  These are scheduled to be released in 2027, but may come out sooner.

46 years have gone by, and sometimes I wonder what a man like MLK would think of how far we have come, or how still we stand…


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