Seeking Sanity

A map showing Manus Island
Manus Island – A Problem Far Away From Australia

The entire ‘argument’ in Australia surrounding asylum seekers and refugees is Shit.  And it’s Gotta Stop.  This should be short.  Because it is easy.  But we’ll see how we go…

We don’t really have a lot to complain about here in Australia.  Stupid is about our biggest problem.

Despite the fact that this ‘great nation’ was founded on resettled convicts, displaced indigenous peoples, and staying tied to the apron strings of colonial Great Britain, we have always been a nation wary of outsiders (maybe because we scared white folk know what we did and continue to do to the indigenous folk…).  And, with nothing better to do, in the political sense, asylum seekers and refugees from far-flung war-torn places on the other side of the world have become a political football to be kicked around in Canberra.  They are used to incite and inspire a lazy form of self-protective nationalistic ‘activism’.

Don’t be fooled – the asylum seekers and refugees, whether they be from places we are helping to obliterate, or other unhappy situations, are really not a big problem.  There really aren’t that many of them.  Time to get over it people.  We are not being invaded, or taken over, or overrun.  All of that is just a ruse to keep numb-skulls politically occupied and distracted.

Worried about refugees from Afghanistan?  Well get the fuck out of there and stop fighting someone else’s drug and culture wars.

Worried about asylum seekers from anywhere?  Don’t.  Just do your fucking job.  Just do what the nation has agreed to do by way of its international obligations.  Resettle the genuine refugees.  ‘Process’ them humanely and with a bit of care.

All this shit about drownings at sea, and the need to prevent them – well, I can tell you that using the Navy to ‘turn them around’ is the wrong way to go.  And then transporting the asylum seekers that do manage to get to Australian soil to some other far-flung backwater to have third-party private contractors detain them in horrific conditions while ‘assessments’ are being undertaken, is the wrong way to go.

If Indonesia is the place where these unfortunate and desperate ‘boat people’ launch their ill-fated sailings from, then we just need to get our Immigration Department to set up shop there, right next to the UNHCR camp/s.  Build a marquee, a fucking big one.  Emblazon the words “Immigration” and “Australia” upon it.  Open the flaps, walk them in, process them – quickly.  And then, when you’ve got yourself a plane-load of ‘genuine’ refugees, you fly them to Australia for resettlement.  Pretty fucking simple.

No more leaky boats, no more drownings, no more ‘people smugglers’, no more mysterious deaths on foreign islands perpetrated or facilitated by a broken immigration system.  Just a system that works.

All you need is to do your job.  Work WITH the Indonesians.  Work WITH the UN.  Work WITH the poor unfortunates that have spilled over into our part of the world.  And, stand up.  Do the right thing.

And if, by chance, there are still people paying ridiculous sums of money to smugglers to get on a boat and bob their way to Australia, THEN something is probably amiss, and MAYBE THEN you have a good reason to turn back THOSE boats.

There.  I have fixed the ‘problem’ of refugees to Australia.  See?  That wasn’t difficult.

You are most welcome.


11 thoughts on “Seeking Sanity

  1. I was fortunate enough to receive an unsolicited review of this post from some butt-head on Twitter. It went like this:

    “about the biggest load of crap I’ve read about #refugees or illegal #asylumseekers. Typical left view – child like.”

    Thank you for your input, butt-head.


  2. I couldnt agree with your anger and frustration more. Thanks for creating this blog, indeed shit definitely does need to stop in Australia. Incidentally I’m not too fussed to be moving to New Zealand because Australia’s government is pissing me off so much lately.


    1. Thanks for your agreement! And for visiting.
      So funny you should muse about NZ… I often have that thought myself. And I was actually thinking of a post on all the ways NZ is ahead…


      1. There’s still problems but nowhere is a utopia with no problems
        – a pay cut of 10K for any job, travelling from Australia to NZ. While at the same time, groceries, rent and petrol are MORE expensive than Australia
        – prohibitively high mortgage costs that prevent most people on average incomes from ever owning a home in NZ
        -problems of racism against the Maori people.


    1. I agree. There is a vast problem with the way society, the law, and the media approach instances of abuse and harrassment… But I’ve left those issues alone quite deliberately, as the victims are, sadly, female more often than not – there are many people more qualified than me to discuss this right now.
      If a female with an interest in writing on this wanted to have their say, however, I’d be more than happy to talk about a guest post…


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