Sending Pictures To Tony

“…we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen.”  Difficult things – like murder, rape, torture…

Ever since that disturbing throw-away comment from the Australian ‘Prime Minister’ regarding human rights abuses during and since the Sri Lankan/Tamil conflicts, I’ve been a little bit haunted by how callous, heartless, and weak that man must be.

So I’ve decided to take it upon myself, inspired in no small way by a recent post at WixxyLeaks entitled ‘War Pigs – War criminals and those who “accept” their crimes’, to get up in Tony’s grille with some of the worst images you can imagine, depicting the horrors of the collateral damage from the conflict in Sri Lanka.

I’m doing it with the power of Twitter, simply attaching an image to a tweet addressed to our widely disparaged Rhodes scholar, woman-hating, science-denying, fuckwit of a ‘Prime Minister’.  As follows:

A tweet I sent to Tony Abbott. More to follow.
A tweet I sent to Tony Abbott. More to follow.

I’ll keep sending them, as there is no shortage of this kind of confrontational imagery.  And, I will await the knock at the door…


8 thoughts on “Sending Pictures To Tony

  1. And when Abbott starts talking the gaffs start coming out. I wonder whether he really understands what he’s saying.

    I must say that image is horrific.


    1. Indeed Rachel. One has to ask oneself how in Gods name did this idiot become a Rhodes Scholar? Still I remember people that got into the police force, getting through the selection criteria and system, because they could play football. Is this how Abbott achieved academically, because of SPORT? We will never know. It is however enough to know that this idiot hasn’t a clue what is going on in the real world. I think his expertise probably stops at fixing a puncture in a bicycle tyre. I can’t understand this last election are we as a society going mad?


      1. There is certainly a fair amount of “sport networking” going on in Australia.

        I have to ask, is that image for real?


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