The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum

An Essay on Narcissistic Elitist Sociopathic Disorder & How To Kill It

Asylum Warden
Inmate Promoted to Warden

The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum.

And are we surprised?

The tide has turned again.  The World is fighting against the progressive.  The old men on the corporate boards, the monopolist media committees, the political advisory units, the think tanks – and all the money-men who aspire to be like them – have slammed their collective fist on the boardroom table.  They have demanded that the groundswell be stopped.

They’ve done this before.

The shared fruits of the golden era of industry (and WW1, for the ‘winners’) were withdrawn by rolling out the Great Depression.  And followed up with another, even more massive, global conflict.

The post-WW2 boom of the 50’s (for the ‘winners’) and the peace & love revolution of the 60’s were literally killed by rolling out the military-industrial complex and its various assassins.

The monopolistic corporate structure of our capitalist democracies held up the carrot, sharing the trinkets and the toys of consumerism, at a cost.  Most of us inherited that – were born into it, and knew no different.

But then it became more and more apparent that the perpetually-growing economy was a myth, and that the architects and operators of it were siphoning and leeching, that the public purse was being raided in any and every way imaginable.  Recessions followed – and cash was extracted from the system to ‘right the ship’.

Then the concept of recession needed an upgrade, and it became the ‘financial crisis’, which required further ‘austerity’ to correct the cash vacuum in economies the world over.

Dollars In His Eyes
I Want and Deserve Your Money

But this time the bankers were caught with their hands in the till.  The massive theft was exposed.  And it was clear that this was just a repeat of an old con-job, only bigger and with a clear purpose – to bankrupt the world, to reverse universal wealth expansion and claw it back into the pockets of the privileged men of calibre.

In the process, any weakening of their position was halted.  Because, and despite the fact that the fraud was globally broadcast, the institutions that foster and commit the thievery and the fraud were only too quick to let the world know that they were simply ‘too big to fail’.  Society would collapse without the pillars of commerce and industry.  And the bail-out fix was in.

Whether you perceive it as a global phenomenon, an American (U.S.) thing, an Anglo- construct, an artefact of ‘western civilisation’, or simply a symptom of the human condition, everywhere there is a layer of the broader financial system – entrenched within the political sphere and promoted by the influential mainstream media – that believes it is owed a debt by the society it operates in.

The un-diagnosed epidemic of our times, sociopathic disorders.  The symptom of the disease, overt narcissism.  The infected victims and the carriers of the illness are everywhere.  And by the sheer virtue of their disease, they are either running the show, or they have set a course for the top tiers of society.  They self-identify.  They are pack animals with a nose for their fellow sociopaths.

The crimes committed in their service are absolutely justifiable and are simply the means to an end.  Wherever you find them – on the board, on the committee, or in the media, or even just anyone who openly or secretly aspires to their lofty heights – they are the narcissistic sociopaths.  They are the most dangerous of the human animals, and know themselves to be the alpha dogs among the hungry pack, and they are solely focused on the satiation of their perceived needs.  They will never yield to pressure from the sane and the brave among us, no matter how logical the argument  – they believe their own position so deeply and so viscerally, that anything challenging the world-view of the narcissistic sociopath is discarded and thrown aside, anathema to their destiny.

They continue to win and continue to have their beliefs reinforced every time one of us gives up the fight, or caves in to ‘the system’.  And this Shit’s Gotta Stop – at every opportunity there should be a veritable militia doing whatever it takes to take a shot at the narcissistic sociopath, wherever they are found.

Confronted, brutally and from every direction, over and over again, with evidence of the negative consequences of their life, their business, their politics – eventually, when the critical mass is achieved, when enough of the bastards know that their game is up – the house of cards will begin to shake, the emperors clothes will lose opacity, and the power will drain away, revealing all the emptiness that lies behind the curtain.

The warden will be strapped down to the gurney, and the therapy can begin.


P.S. Disclaimer – This post was crafted while in a state of enhanced insomnia.

6 thoughts on “The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum

  1. The planet is spiralling into the abyss and nothing can stop it. We progressives unfortunately have lost the battle. Every time we think we have had a win, with the election of what we thought was a progressive government, we somehow manage to fuck it up.

    A cursory look around the net and some of the so called left leaning blogs confirms for mine, my own analysis. A lot of people are under the illusion that governments, really do give a fuck about them.

    I am old now, I just hope I live long enough to see the whole shit house go up in flames. At least when the shit really hits the fan we can say, we told you so. But, go up in flames it will, the next three years of Australia being run by a fucking retard just might hurry the process. We are headed for dark days.


    1. Did you jump into my head and steal my thoughts?
      Well, I agree completely, but I am trying not to be too cynical, and trying not to throw in the towel.
      But yes, even if things go as well as possible, dark days are indeed creeping our way. The sociopaths won’t give up so easy, and there will be blood…


  2. Great minds think a like. Yes there will be blood of that I have no doubt. It is early days and already we are a laughing stock. I some times think I am having a night mare, I will wake up, and it all will go away. The next cab off the rank will be social welfare, is all I can say is, people on the poverty line that voted for this mob of arse holes, and yes some lefties did, I hope they fucking starve to death. Yes I am serious. What Australians were thinking when they put Abbott in government, defies all known logic.

    As an aside they are now floating the idea of putting the retirement age up to seventy??? The mind indeed, does boggle. It will all end in tears that, is money in the bank (for the moment)


    1. Oh man, there would be something sweet about a bit of ‘natural justice’ for the apathetic aspirational voters who thought/still think that the new government would somehow lift them from borderline poverty to some kind of ‘age of abundance’… But the message never seems to be so clear and direct. But imagine it – some kind of modern-day potato famine of the outer suburbs that selectively targeted LNP voters!…
      The karma will come, but they’ll just continue to live in denial… almost no matter how tough things get.
      And yeah, those of us left behind, the ones who didn’t get selected for great things, get to work away their lives in ever-more-demeaning jobs until you’re too old to enjoy anything resembling a happy retirement. And if you’ve got all the ‘oldies’ working the counter at HJ’s/BK or MickeyD’s etc., then you’ve got guaranteed massive youth unemployment, and everyone lives in fear of the criminal gangs of hungry dole-bludgers and society remains unstable and begs to be ‘looked after’ by the instruments of authority…
      Fuck – the mind really does boggle.
      Thanks a bunch for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


      1. Yea, no worries. We will have to stop agreeing people will talk.

        There are some interesting times ahead, for mine, there is no stake in it for me anymore, but I worry for my kids. They at the end of the day are the ones that will suffer, my generation the baby boomers, have squandered the fucking lot. Owning a home for this generation of kids not working in the mines etc. is just becoming impossible. We have another financial crash coming down the pike that is going to have disastrous ramifications and yet, people are still in denial. They really do think the party will go on for ever. It is as you say, an asylum.


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