Dead Families For Tony

Following on from ‘Sending Pictures To Tony‘ and ‘Another Picture For Tony‘, I’ve sent a third tweet to the ‘Prime Minister’ of the once-great and proud nation of Australia.  This time containing images of another dead family with innocent kids in Sri Lanka. There is a black van waiting for me in the car park… Anyway, here is today’s virtual placard for the ‘Prime Minister’: Pretty damn sure he won’t be seeing these, as his minders shield him from any and all interrogation, especially if it is related to issues he doesn’t much care for – like human rights… Doing … Continue reading Dead Families For Tony

Another Picture For Tony

Following on from ‘Sending Pictures To Tony‘, I’ve sent a second tweet depicting some horror from Sri Lanka, our new friends and recent recipients of some floating military hardware. Not expecting a response… Anyway, here is my latest virtual placard for the ‘Prime Minister’: No-one has come to collect me yet…  Good morning, Tony! AsGrayAsGray Continue reading Another Picture For Tony

Sending Pictures To Tony

“…we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen.”  Difficult things – like murder, rape, torture… Ever since that disturbing throw-away comment from the Australian ‘Prime Minister’ regarding human rights abuses during and since the Sri Lankan/Tamil conflicts, I’ve been a little bit haunted by how callous, heartless, and weak that man must be. So I’ve decided to take it upon myself, inspired in no small way by a recent post at WixxyLeaks entitled ‘War Pigs – War criminals and those who “accept” their crimes’, to get up in Tony’s grille with some of the worst images you can imagine, … Continue reading Sending Pictures To Tony

The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum

An Essay on Narcissistic Elitist Sociopathic Disorder & How To Kill It The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum. And are we surprised? The tide has turned again.  The World is fighting against the progressive.  The old men on the corporate boards, the monopolist media committees, the political advisory units, the think tanks – and all the money-men who aspire to be like them – have slammed their collective fist on the boardroom table.  They have demanded that the groundswell be stopped. They’ve done this before. The shared fruits of the golden era of industry (and WW1, for the ‘winners’) were … Continue reading The Sociopaths Are Running The Asylum