America Fucked

Obama Swastika Shutdown
Obama is a Fascist (or something like that), So Shut Down Parts of the Greatest Nation on the Face of the Planet!

The USA has officially ‘shut down‘.  It happened this afternoon.

Well, the ‘greatest nation on earth’ is still operating, but ‘non-essential’ government services have ceased to operate.  That’s around 700 – 800,000 government employees told to stay home, without pay.

America is fucked.

All of this because the President (you know the guy: the Black Panther, the Kenyan Hawaiian Muslim dude with no birth certificate…) dared to introduce healthcare reform that offered improved health insurance coverage to millions of other Americans.  That commie bastard.  That socialist weasel.

Also (mostly) because the Republican side of US politics (or at least most of them) are holding the US and global economies to ransom because of their fundamental and entrenched opposition to the concept of some health insurance coverage for people poorer than them, paid for by people as rich or richer than them.

America is fucked.

The perpetrators of this ridiculous stalemate game are examples of the worst of humanity.  And they also happen to represent the fact that really shit people seem to be rewarded and elevated to high office despite being so shit.

America is fucked.  And this shit’s gotta stop.


19 thoughts on “America Fucked

      1. Yeah, I think we both know what is happening to a certain, necessary extent.
        I don’t think so, a little confirmation is never bad. It is not only the US economy, we are all affected and should care.
        Nothing to thank for, you are the truthful one (hopefully 🙂 )


      2. You’re right – we know what’s happening, but sometimes it’s hard to pin down and reveal the details with any clarity.
        Truthful… I find it hard to be anything else. Always leads to trouble….


      3. Completely right. I struggle with myself sounding like a conspiracy theorist. I don’t want to sound that way, but let’s face it. A certain group of people, however large this group may be rules and seeks to manifest it’s grip on power. Who they are? Look who gets beaten, when they speak. Then you know.


      4. I love a good conspiracy theory! Used to be all bound up in them – conspiracy is everywhere… Then I grew up a bit and realised that conspiracy is only *almost* everywhere: most of the World’s ills are just dumb collusion with some selfishness and greed combined in a nice little conspiracy package designed to hide truth, confuse, shield and divert attention. Some of the ‘best’ conspiracies are the fake ones designed to hide the real conspiracy. What a fucked-up species we are…


      5. Exactly my point of view. It is so fun to watch a well-educated man postulate complete nonsense and you see he knows he’s talking bullshit. To the contrary an old, poor beggar rambling about Goldman Sachs controlling the world and he exposed to wildest laughter and humiliation.


  1. When it comes to fixing problems, any government goes one way (that is not good) or the complete opposite (which also fucks things up).

    I think the US wouldnt be economically affected by improving the health care system.. they produce so much, just as much as they consume. Maybe if the people in the high sits would care about their country, they would try to encourage everything but consumerism to the population. But money is pretty much the only thing they worry about.. That’s the wild capitalism the people in my country love to trash-talk about.

    My country’s current government live by “the socialism of the 21st century”. The health system hasnt improved at all.

    1: They created some kind of alternative online med school, which is a disaster (I personally know one of this doctors, they guy is unable to read an EKG), so they could make health care accesible to people who lives in small towns. All the sympathetic are happy cause the government cares about them, but they don’t realise that quantity will never mean quality.

    2: They pushed on private health care to lower down the prices of lab tests, cause it was so damn expensive. But the economy is so fucked up (mainly because they give away all our money, and steal a bunch of it too), that the prices of the materials and equipment to make simple lab tests are even higher than the prices their are trying to impose. So, 70% of the labs in private clinics had to be shut down. They forget that nurses and bioanalysts also deserve to get paid and bring bread to the table.

    There’s never a balance, they fuck things up in any way, and they always will because both governments have only one thing in mind, they just approach differently.

    So there, we have two faces of the same coin: They only care about themselves and the money, and they will always lie to people in their faces.

    It’s not only America.. a country with a completely different “ideology” is just as fucked up.. actually a lot more.. So yeah, shits gotta stop.


    1. You are absolutely right, of course. No government anywhere in the World is perfect. Most aren’t even generally admirable.
      Here in Australia, we have a universal public health cover scheme, and they try to bribe people to take out private cover (which is ‘better’, of course, but very expensive) by offering age-based rebates which decline every year over the age of 30 until you sign up – so you are basically forced to get private or it will only cost more if you buy it later. The public health system is basic, and dehumanising for anyone who needs certain types of specialist care. At the same time it is far superior to what they used to get in the US – and I do not know if their lot will improve very much with Obama’s universal care system…
      Every country could easily afford moderate universal health cover if the robber-barons in government weren’t continually siphoning cash out of the public purse…
      Thanks very much for your comment here!
      All the best.


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