Black Power Day

Today (16 October) is the 45th anniversary of the infamous (yet under-appreciated) ‘Black Power salute‘ at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. One week ago (9 October) was the anniversary of Peter Norman‘s funeral in 2006 – a day that has been formally recognised by the US Track and Field Federation as Peter Norman Day, a day when Tommie Smith and John Carlos arrived from halfway around the world to deliver heartfelt tributes at Norman’s memorial service. Peter Norman was ostracised, dismissed, abused and overlooked for the rest of his days, after having stood side-by-side with Carlos and Smith … Continue reading Black Power Day

America Fucked

The USA has officially ‘shut down‘.  It happened this afternoon. Well, the ‘greatest nation on earth’ is still operating, but ‘non-essential’ government services have ceased to operate.  That’s around 700 – 800,000 government employees told to stay home, without pay. America is fucked. All of this because the President (you know the guy: the Black Panther, the Kenyan Hawaiian Muslim dude with no birth certificate…) dared to introduce healthcare reform that offered improved health insurance coverage to millions of other Americans.  That commie bastard.  That socialist weasel. Also (mostly) because the Republican side of US politics (or at least most of … Continue reading America Fucked