Devine Twit

Devine VIP
Devine (right) meets Petraeus (left), prior to his dalliances being aired in public.
I really wanted to use the word “gush” in this caption… and was unable to stop myself.

Following on from last months ‘Opinionated News‘, I’ve had the pleasure of being rejected/dismissed (again) by the wonderful Miranda Devine.  This guardian of conservative perspective engages with like minds on social media platforms, such as Twitter (find me there, @AsGrayAsGray), which is where I had my most recent encounter with her.  After having the gall to offer some editorial advice on her spelling and grammar (in the form of two inoffensive and helpful tweets), I was ‘blocked’ by @mirandadevine and then had my account suspended for ‘spamming behaviour’.  (Don’t worry Miranda, I was fully re-activated within minutes.)

This is the mindset of this type of torch-bearer for the old guard: “I don’t like what you are saying, so I will destroy your ability to talk to me”.  For someone who calls herself a journalist, she has a lot of trouble with spelling and grammar (a ‘journalist’ [or word-smith of any variety] should be able to rise above Twitter’s 140-character limit, no?), seems incapable of any sort of robust research or fact-checking, and is also apparently quite fearful of having her opinions challenged. When her mantle at the Daily Telegraph is eroded away some day in the future, Twitter will make a fine new home for her fact-less opinion, and she can climb down from the self-built pedestal she currently occupies to join the rest of us plebs.

Miranda Devine is an example of the non-journalist conservative opinion writer, unwilling to engage with dissenting viewpoints, and all too eager to, in her own words, “block abusive bores”.

For some unfathomable reason, individuals like this have far too much sway in the sphere of public opinion, and this shit’s gotta stop.


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