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Newspapers – excellent as standby toilet tissue…

The mainstream media.  Guardians of free speech and reportage of facts?  What a terribly disappointing troop of screaming baboons…

I’ve long held the view that the mainstream media (MSM) is operating at the behest of forces cohesive and powerful, rather than ‘in the public interest’ (no shock there – old news, I know).  In recent times this has become more glaringly obvious, while simultaneously there has been a rise in the perceived worth of ‘opinion’ in the press.  In fact, there are now ‘journalists’ whose entire body of work is nothing more than their opinions on a range of topics in which they are not expert; not one ounce of ‘news’ is reported by them.  This fact is not hidden, they appear in print under bold page titles that shout “Opinion“.  These are the glorified, adulated, ‘columnists’.  Usually leaning well to the right of the political spectrum, these wailing banshees of conservative rhetoric fill white-space in increasingly vacuous publications, and join their shock-jock radio cousins and television fire-breathers at the pulpit of vitriolic ejaculation.

Opinion is not news, nor is it reporting on anything remotely worthwhile.  The opinion of a newspaper hack is not journalism.

We used to think that our news was information that had been distilled by professional journalists, working to a code of integrity of some sort, for the purpose of keeping us informed of happenings elsewhere – a source of fact and knowledge.  Now, the MSM has grown and devolved into a machine whose prime motivation is to predict the news, shape the news, cause the news, report the news before it has occurred and to then use that same news to hammer into shape the nebulous beast that is ‘the public opinion’.  For example, Murdoch’s Fox in the US openly siding with the Republicans and, worse still, their Tea Party element, all the while making up news and deliberately twisting facts to present a case for why Americans should vote for Romney.  They’ve done similar in the past, with Bush Jr., and other MSM networks and outlets are no better, I’m sure.

The sad thing is, most of the MSM audience is yet to wake up to the fact that ‘real’ news is no longer deemed relevant unless it has been fomented internally by the mouth-piece MSM.

The happy thing is, most of that remnant MSM audience are old and will likely die soon.  Everyone else that has moved on from the MSM trough, and discovered new independent sources of actual news, will be left to witness the death shudder of the old media.  That is my hope.

In the meantime, that cacophony of headlines being yelled at whoever will listen is getting louder and louder, despite their impending demise.  Their aim here is to mold the events that shape our lives, create a simulacra of them, and to feed the resultant voodoo doll to whoever is hungry for information that supports their narrow point-of-view.  All in the service of maintaining the old order of enabling the elite in their constriction of the masses, and keeping all the coin in Scrooge’s vault.

And along the way, those-who-know-no-better get dragged along, while they’re told what to think, how to vote, what to aspire to, and what is right and what is wrong.  The media is attempting to fill the space left behind by dying religions and archaic social orders.  And they are almost literally fucking the whole world while they’re at it.

This shit’s gotta stop.


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