‘Celebrity’ Cash-Grab

Our Cash Is Better Than Your Cash

“Washed-out Foreign ‘Celebrities’ Inundating Australia!”

Fading stars who have rarely, if ever, given a toss about their Australian ‘fanbase’ have descended upon us.  This ongoing phenomenon, coinciding with a buoyant (relatively speaking) Australian economy which offers a tantalisingly attractive exchange rate for 2nd-tier descending celebrities from depressed economies elsewhere in the world, exposes the true colours of these so-called celebrity mouth-pieces.  They have no respect for their admirers and are nought more than shallow, greedy coin-chasers.  And I don’t like any of them.

This is pop culture shit that I should probably ignore, but I’ve drafted a little list of these economic refugees.  It only took me two minutes (so I haven’t lost much) and it’s definitely not definitive – I know there are more of them.  It’s a snapshot list of exactly who I don’t qualify as a ‘fan’ of…  And this helps me see why.  Parasites…

  • Dawn French (and her botox fillers)
  • Seal
  • Status fucking Quo
  • ‘Scary’ Mel B
  • Those wanker Madden brothers from that shit ‘punk’ band that loves KFC
  • Keith Urban (yes, I know he’s Australian, but where’s his bank account?  Tamworth or Nashville?)

Supplied by a [valued] reader:

  • Marco Pierre White – (‘Push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push, push!!’)

Note that most from that short list are from the UK?  Nothing insinuated; just an observation.

Have any more examples to add?  Comment below!  I’ll edit this list to reflect any additional suggestions.

Anyway – greedy shitty third-rate celebrities sucking up cash anywhere they can get it and pissing all over their adoring admirers; this shit’s gotta stop.


8 thoughts on “‘Celebrity’ Cash-Grab

  1. Yeah… And the same for the ones doing the inverse such as the sports stars who come up through the tax payer funded sports academies and then as soon as they hit the big time and make a few million bucks, they move to somewhere like Monaco so they don’t have to pay taxes. Particularly prevalent in tennis, soccer and cycling. They can live over there if they want to, or need to, but pay the fuck up!


    1. Hey Sandy,
      Yeah, you could say the same. However, I would suggest that successful sportspeople have actually worked really hard to get to that level. And maybe they feel a bit ripped off by the fact that empty-headed ‘celebrities’ are just empty-headed tools who probably just got famous by pure chance, and then get doors opened for them in every quarter and incomes that defy belief. I actually think that there wouldn’t be too many sportspeople who have ‘cheated the system’ and haven’t somehow made good on their ‘debt’ to the sports academies and institutes… Happy to be corrected on that.


  2. Thank you for pointing out who those chicken eaters are….The ‘off button’ keeps most of this stuff away from me, but I need to watch the cricket, and the chicken eaters (who, according to the www, once endorsed PETA and hang with vegrins) keep hanging with Slats.

    Seal is not too bad is he?


    1. Hey Nobby,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      “Those chicken eaters”! I love it.
      Your research is correct, depending on who you talk to. I think they disavow their PETA/vegan association these days. Money speaks louder than truth, I guess.
      Seal? Not too bad? I suppose so; if you’re OK with one-hit-wonders parading around like they’re still relevant…


  3. This is the third time I’ve been to your site. Thanks for sharing more information.


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